Sundby refuses to give up

Martin Johnsrud Sundby (34) has ended up behind the first two stages of the Tour de Ski, but it’s not about giving up.

Before Tuesday’s sprinting stage, the veteran in 14th place with 1.13.7 minutes up to leading Aleksandr Bolshunov. Behind the very best it is close to the places.

Sundby did not move on from the prologue in the sprint on the opening day.

On Sunday he had to settle for 10th place, and it was a long way from expectations.

– I had expected a much better result, and I can’t deliver. It’s always disappointing. It is always boring to have to sum up bad skiing, and unfortunately I have to do that today. There are far too many seconds that disappear, and it gets fatal in such a tour, Sundby said after Sunday’s race.

New sprint

Like the other runners, Sundby was out on a light training trip in Toblach on Monday.

He can get a new tough sprint day in Val Müstair on Tuesday.

– We have a job to do. I am not looking forward to the sprint in Val Müstair, but we have to take a new roof and see where we are going.

– Do you write down your own winning chances in the summary?

– I’m not going to write anything down. The only thing I can comfort myself with is that I have guys like Dario Cologna and Alex Harvey around me in the summary. We get a distance at a time. We can’t begin to summarize yet. That’s the art here. We’ll have to wait a little with the summary. For my part, just ask for lots, lots of snow at the hunting ground in Oberstdorf. Then we can hope that things look different after that.

Not giving up

– It’s not about giving up?

– I never give up. You can’t do that before any second last day.

Martin Johnsrud Sundby won Tour de Ski in total both in 2014 and 2016. He also won in 2015, but later became the disk so that Petter Northug moved from 2nd to 1st place in the summary.

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