Strong income fall for Marit Bjørgen

Revenue from the most winning winter Olympics fell sharply in 2018.

With two gold, one silver and two bronze during the Pyeongchang Olympics, Marit Bjørgen became the most winning winter Olympics in 2018. The revenues of her company Tiram Holding AS (Marit backwards), however, were significantly weakened, according to the company’s fresh annual accounts for 2018.

Revenues ended last year at NOK 795,000, down from NOK 3 million in 2017.

At the end of last year, the company had equity of NOK 7.9 million.

Approximately NOK 6.7 million has been pushed into the bond fund Odin Konservativ, which fell 2.3 per cent last year. This gave Bjørgen a paper loss of just over NOK 155,000.

The net result amounted to just over NOK 480,000, compared with just under NOK 2.6 million the year before, and went straight into “other equity”.

The company, which aims to “perform consultancy in training / motivation / lecture activities and what is related to it, and make investments in securities and real estate, including participating in other companies”, has no employees, nor is it paid wages or remuneration to the board.

After a total of 15 Olympic medals, 26 World Cup medals and 114 world cup victories, Bjørgen announced last April that she was after a long career in the World Cup. This fall it was known that in March she was waiting for her second child together with cohabitant Fred Børre Lundberg.

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