Storms lead to several closed road sections in the north

A number of road sections are closed in Nordland, Troms and Finnmark as a result of the storms the last 24 hours.

In Troms, E6 over Kvænangsfjellet is closed due to bad weather and danger of race. Here, a new assessment is made at 12 o’clock, state road authorities state.

In Finnmark, the E6 over Sennaland is completely closed to Skaidi. E6 is also closed by Hats in Kvalsund. The E69 is closed between Skarsvåg and North Cape.

In Nordland, the E10 over Bjørnefjell is closed on both the Norwegian and Swedish sides.

Several county roads are also closed, as well as several ferry connections. On several of the road sections, there is a danger of race that makes it unsafe to travel on the roads.

According to NRK, nine road sections are closed only in Western Finnmark due to the storm.

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