The stores lose for e-commerce – bankruptcy last year

Holders of a total of 5,017 companies had to go the heavy road to the bankruptcy court after having been bankrupted last year. This is 10.6 per cent more than in 2017.

It is especially companies in the retail trade that are struggling. In total, 1,042 companies went bankrupt last year, an increase of 22.7 per cent from 2017, reports the analysis agency Experian.

The increase in the number of bankruptcies has been greatest in Buskerud and Aust-Agder in particular.

– We still get reports that it is tough times in the trading industry. E-commerce eats market shares and contributes to putting prices under pressure, says Sales Director Per Ivar Kristiansen in Experian Norway.

Bankruptcy figures for 2018 are the highest in 25 years, writes Dagens Næringsliv. Including forced settlement, a total of 6,288 companies ceased last year, according to figures from the analysis company Bisnode.

– We have had some problems explaining the high bankruptcy figures in 2018. The overall picture in the Norwegian economy is quite positive. The average company in Norway is doing well and most people have at least as much money to rotate with, says head of department Per Einar Ruud.

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