Stjørdal municipality tracing sources of infection after several legionella cases

Three people were infected in Stjørdal this summer.
Three people were infected with Legionella Bacterium this summer and Stjørdal municipality has started finding possible sources for infection.

Municipal council Leif Edvard Muruvik The association explains that there are usually several years in between cases of Legionella infection in the municipality and that they need to carry out such mapping when proven infections.

“We have already been in contact with over 40 companies we believe may have been at risk of spreading legionella bacteria. Factories, hotels, car wash, fountains, horticulture and shops all have in common waterborne systems have been checked. We have not yet found any findings suggesting that the infection originates from one particular source, says Vonen to

Legionella bacteria can spread at high temperatures by natural causes.

“It may be that the infection originates from old pipes or other waterborne systems, where the water has evaporated and the steam has transported the bacterium into the air. It has been particularly hot this year and we think the three cases we have had can be explained by natural causes, added Vonen.

Legionella pneumophila is a bacterium found everywhere in nature. The bacterium becomes dangerous and contagious when it grows in lukewarm, stagnant water. It infects by inhalation of fine, floating water drops (aerosols) contaminated with the bacteria. Legionella does not contaminate human beings.

The municipal surgeon tells that all three who were infected have received treatment and are now healthy.




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