Still no suspect found for the package with explosives to police in Ski

The police still do not know who sent the explosives in package that was delivered to the police station in Ski at Akershus. The investigation is ongoing.

Police Attorney Jon Skarpeid of the East Police District says that they receive both technical and tactical assistance from Kripos in the investigation.

“Kripos and other specialists are looking for the proof to find traces like DNA or fingerprints, which can lead us further on identifying who sent this, “says Skarpeid to NTB.

The police have stated that it is a sharp real bomb intended to harm people. It was addressed to the police and was delivered by a driver from the Post.

“We do not want to go into details about where the package came from,” says Skarpeid.

However, he confirms that during Thursday they have been working to secure possible tracks from video surveillance – possibly also from the place where the package was delivered.

There was an alarm when the package was opened Wednesday morning, and an employee suspected something was wrong. Police bombers were on site about 45 minutes later, and they chose to defuse the object by firing shot against it.

“This is a very serious criminal offense and we consider this to be an attack on the police with great potential,” said police chief Jon Steven Hasseldal in East Police District at a press conference on Thursday morning.

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