Stench and deposition after fire at the waste company at Jevnaker

The police recommend residents near Hadeland and Ringerike waste company (HRA) to keep the windows closed after a fire erupted in the garbage plant on Sunday night.

At 5 o’clock on Sunday, communications manager Åse Toril Krågsrud in HRA announces that the fire service has just diverted from the site.

“According to our own surveillance cameras in the area, it started burning at 22.55,” says Krågsrud.

The police reported the fire on Twitter at 23:46 on Saturday night.

Cause to be determined

The facility is located on Jevnaker in Oppland, near county border to Buskerud. The fire has occurred on Norsk Gjenvinning’s waste disposal waste plate, an area of ​​Norsk Gjenvinning rented by HRA to handle industrial waste. The cause of the fire is not known yet.

– Unfortunately, something happens from time to time at such stations. There is a lot of highly combustible material there, “says operations manager André Kråkenes in the southeastern police district.

There is no injury or danger of spreading, but there was a lot of smoke.


The police went out early and recommended people to close the windows.

“There is a lot of plastic and other trash that does not smell as good as burns. So it’s the wind that will bring this with us, so we recommend residents in the area, especially those living northeast of this area at Jevnaker, to keep windows closed. It is smoke, it does not smell as well, and it can be a bit of precipitation, says Kråkenes.

In addition to police and fire services, HRA’s employees assisted in extinguishing, including wheel loads to turn the waste.

“We will be in place with our own people to keep watch over the day Sunday,” says Krågsrud in HRA.

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