Stefan Löfven (S) is ready to form a new government in Sweden

The Social Democrats leader Stefan Löfven is ready to take the next stage in the relay to form a new government in Sweden.

On Monday morning he gave the Parliament President, the message that he is ready to take on the task of probing the opportunities. 

“The best for Sweden would be a cross-border cooperation. I am in the position of the Speaker to lead the process and come up with such a solution, Löfven said at a press conference just after the meeting with the President.

– Only way

On Sunday, Moderators’ leaders Ulf Kristersson gave up the attempt to form a government built on the bourgeois Alliance after both the Center Party and the Liberals said no to his last proposal.

The election in Sweden just a month ago ended that neither of the two blocks had a parliamentary majority. The Swedish Democrats (SD) are on the verge, but neither the center-right nor the center-left wants to work with Jimmie Åkesson’s party.

“I think that the rounds of the past week have led to an increased conviction that the only way to get over today’s stuck situation in Swedish politics is to break the block policy,” says Löfven.

Åkesson: – Affordable

It is the Speaker who decides who will take the next stage in the probes. It is expected that Norlén will announce which party leader is going to attend, later Monday.

He still has four attempts to propose a new prime minister for the Riksdag, as Kristersson threw in the towel before a government alternative was clear. If none of the attempts succeed, new selections should be highlighted.

SD leader Åkesson believes it is reasonable that the government assignment goes on to Löfven.

“If the President continues to give the exploration mission to somebody, then Stefan Löfven should get it,” he said, according to SVT.

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