Starts nationwide organization against tolls

The goal of "Bomfri Norway - NOK" is to be heard.

September 9 last year, the organization “Bomfri Norway – NOK” was founded by Sigurd Sjursen, head of the Facebook group with the same name. Since its inception, the organization has worked actively to get more supporters on the team to cover the whole country.

– Ever since its inception, it has been working on the scenes to find relevant partners / departments around Norway, says Jan Ove Sikveland, deputy chairman and press spokesman for Bomfri Norway in a press release.

Bomfritt Norway is a party political independent interest organization that works against all toll systems in Norway. Among other things, they will promote the fight against high tariffs in the country’s many toll stations. The organization is divided into five regional sub-organizations, one for each region.

Now the organization has got Oslo and Eastern Norway on the team.

Want to cultivate commitment to tolls

Cecilie Lyngby started the Facebook group “YES to Environment, NO to increased toll” in May 2017. Today the group has more than 42,000 members, and has become the largest protest group against tolls based on Eastern Norway.

Lyngby has agreed to enter into cooperation with Bomfri Norway, and will be the head of the Boomless East Norway.

– There have been some expectations in the group about establishing a party against tolls in Oslo. I have really gone into myself to find out if there was anything I wanted to do. I have thought about what I am passionate about and what I stand for. I am passionate about this one matter, and I want to cultivate commitment to tolls. Therefore, I would rather contribute in this organization than to form a party where I also have to engage in issues I can’t do anything about, says Lyngby to ABC News.

She can still reveal that other active group members are working on the creation of a party.

Bomfritt Logo

Takes away from vandalism and heat

Bomfri Norway wants to work actively against municipalities, counties and the Storting, and is pleased to establish a base in the capital, close to Løvebakken. Lyngby looks forward to discussing with both local and national politicians.

The Oslo woman is concerned with discussing matter and not person. She has faith in democracy and dialogue as the best means, and refrains from vandalism, hate and personal attacks.

– There are many groups on Facebook against tolls that allow publishing quite rough things. I renounce it. I myself am a strict administrator and have blocked over 6000 people from the group. We must discuss the matter and relate to it. So we also have to agree to disagree on the matter, says Lyngby.

Free Norway will soon open for membership.

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