Spun ship found in an amazing state after 90 years on the seabed

The wreckage of steel steamship Manasoo of 1928 is found under deep ocean. It is found 60 meters deep in Lake Huron, Canada.

The steamship Manasoo went down on a stormy night on September 19, 1928 with 21 passengers and 116 cattle on board, several sailors thought it was a reported tragedy.


Earlier that year, the ship changed its name from Macassa to Manasoo, when it changed its owner and began to sail on Lake Huron in Canada.

“It’s old superstition among seamen that if you change the name of a ship, the ship will be pursued by accident,” says maritime historian Cris Kohl to Canadian CBC News .

“Manasoo turned out to be an example of the wreck that encountered ships as a changed name,” he continued to the newspaper.

1927 Chevrolet Coupe


OLD CLASSIC: Among the most incredible findings in the shipwreck is a Chevrolet Coupe from 1927, which, like the ship, is in surprisingly good condition.

At about 60 meters deep outside Griffith’s Island in Ontario, recently the shipowners Ken Merryman, Jerry Eliason recently found the ship along with Kohl. They could hardly believe what the ship was still in.

“The most unique thing is that the wreck lies on the seabed in the same angle as it sank,” says Merryman. In the ship they found the cab, several lifeboats and unbelievably a Chevrolet Coupe from 1927 in the cargo bay – everything was apparently completely intact.

60 hours shipwreck

After the boat sank, the captain, four from the crew and a passenger managed to board a life raft. They waited for 60 hours before they were found. Then the chief engineer Thomas McCutcheon had fallen in.

One of the five survivors, Arthur Middlebro, later told of what he remembered from the wreck.

The ship will now be further researched, hoping to answer the reason for its sinking.

“If we can find an indication of what happened to the ship, then maybe it might feel like an end to a mystery for the families of those who perished,” Kohl says to CBC.

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