Spain and Sweden most popular destinations among Norwegians

1.1 million Norwegian holiday trips in 2017 went to Sweden and Spain, while two out of three holiday trips went to the home country.

Over nine out of ten Norwegians over the age of 15 went on at least one holiday trip in 2017, according to figures from Eurostat. Norwegians travel the second most in Europe, just beaten by travelers.

Spain and Sweden were the most popular destination for most Norwegians. Both destinations received 1.1 million holiday visits from Norway.

Norwegians do not stand out. One in five overnight stays that Europeans had abroad were added to Spain, and the country was Europe’s most popular holiday destination.

The third most popular holiday destination for Norwegians was Denmark. Outside Europe, the most visited destinations were the United States and Thailand with 193,000 and 142,000 trips in 2017, writes Statistics Norway .

But most Norwegians choose their home country when they go on holiday. Two of three Norwegian holiday trips go to their own country, and the most typical is a weekend break.

However, we do not spend as much money when the holiday trip goes domestically, and people more often choose private accommodation with friends, in holiday homes or in the cottage, instead of hotels. Nevertheless, there has been an increase in holidaymakers in hotels in virtually all counties over the past five years.

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