Sørlandsbanen closed due to the storm

Sørlandsbanen was closed on Friday night due to trees that had fallen over the train lines during the storm in southern Norway.

Sørlandsbanen was closed between Egersund and Vigrestad due to the storm. NSB writes on their website that the trains are on halt between Kristiansand and Vigrestad, and that travellers ay experience delays on schedules.

– We organize alternative transport between Vigrestad and Egersund. We could not organize alternative transport between Vigrestad and Kristiansand due to difficult weather conditions, writes NSB.

Østfoldbanen was also closed for a period of Friday night between Råde and Fredrikstad because of a tree that had fallen over the line just off Fredrikstad station, but the tree has now been removed and the track is open again. Travelers must nevertheless expect delays.

The Raumabane was also closed on Friday after the NVE again upgraded the danger level at the mountain party.

On Dovrebanen, Bane Nor and NSB ask travellers to be prepared for delays on the Moelv-Lillehammer route, because trains must drive at reduced speed due to flood hazard.

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