Solvik-Olsen starts flying school in the United States

Former Transport Minister Ketil Solvik-Olsen (Frp) will lead the establishment of the OSM Aviation Academy Flight School in the United States. Solvik-Olsen says it “feels a little too good to be true,” to E24.

“I really had no plans for what to do when we moved here,” said Solvik-Olsen.

Solvik-Olsen moved to the United States with the family this fall because his wife is going to work at a childhood hospital in Alabama for a period of time. He is still second deputy in Frp. At the same time, he will lead the establishment of the flight school from the OSM Aviation USA office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

He was recruited for the work of CEO and former SAS pilot Espen Høiby.

“We were focusing on our business in the US, and we saw this as a good opportunity, and he has extensive experience from the field of transport,” says Høiby.

OSM Aviation has built a comprehensive crew operation in aviation since its establishment in 2011. The company leases pilots and cabin crews to a number of airlines. Now the company plans to train its pilots themselves. The company has already established a flight school in Arendal.

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