Solvik-Olsen departure a big loss for Solberg

Ketil Solvik-Olsen, former Minister of Transport, left the government on Friday and is replaced by the party and former Minister of Agriculture, Jon Georg Dale. On the ceremony, Prime Minister Erna Solberg expressed her loss due to the departure of Solvik-Olsen and also emphasized the fact that the departure does not mean that its a goodbye to the politics.

“I would like to thank Ketil Solvik-Olsen for more than his contribution as Minister of Transport,” said Solberg, who spoke warmly about the deputy chairman’s contribution to replacing her governments.

“You were an important contributor in Nydalen to get the cooperation agreement and government declarations in place both in 2013 and 2018,” said the prime minister at a press conference following the changes in the government on Friday.

Solberg argued that she watched Solvik-Olsen’s departure as a major loss, but that the government project was not weakened for that reason.

“The story that was between four parties and the then party leadership has now been rooted in a government project that has lasted five years,” said the prime minister on NTB questions.

At the press conference, she also argued that there had been work on Friday’s change since the summer, as both oil and energy ministers Terje Søviknes (Frp) and Solvik-Olsen expressed their wish to leave.

Terje Søviknes, former Oil and Energy Minister, sees his departure as a return to home. He is replaced by Kjell-Børge Freiberg.

It’s a right decision to go back to Os. I need more time for the family and not least my two children in 14 and 11 years old. I know they are waiting for me tonight and are very happy that “Daddy” is coming home, says Søviknes.

“This gives me the opportunity to withdraw the chairman in Os and bet in the municipal elections next year,” he added

Both the ministers described their journey with the government an amazing one.


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