Solberg gives 22.7 million in support to fully electric tourist boats in the Oslofjord

Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) assigns NOK 22.7 million to Norway’s other electric tourist ship, which will travel in Oslofjorden.

Support for building the “Legacy of the Fjords” sightseeing boat is provided through Enova. From July next year these boats will be part of daily commute. The ship will save 700 tonnes of CO2 and 225.00 liters of diesel annually.

The prime minister released the news in connection with the Norway’s first full-electric vessel “Future of The Fjords” on Saturday morning. The ship is used for tourist traffic between Flåm and Gudvangen in Sogn og Fjordane. Solberg justifies the support as it is important that the Norwegian maritime sector becomes greener and leaves behind less carbon footprint.

– Nærøyfjorden is a world heritage site. The fact that we pollute the fjord with tourist ships is neither good nor future-oriented, says Solberg to NTB.

At the same time, it is partly random that the first full-electric ship in Norway is a tourist boat. This is because the cruise company The Fjords, which is building the electric ships, has applied for funds.

Solberg emphasizes the company’s development is part of the future and can be used on all types of boats.

‘Legacy of the Fjords’ will probably be on Oslofjorden next summer.

“We will continue to change Norwegian shipping industry. All types of boats in Norway should have this kind of technology – we need it everywhere, she believes.

It is already known that the Nesoddferges will be electric next year.

“Norway is the world leader in emission-free solutions for different types of ships. Forecasting projects like this provide inspiration for climate solutions beyond national borders, and at the same time provide a great opportunity for the Norwegian maritime industry, “says technology manager Marius Gjerset in the Zero Environmental Foundation.

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