Snow made difficult driving conditions in several parts of the country

Bad weather creates challenging driving conditions before the autumn holiday. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration asks all who are driving to be cautious of the weather conditions.

Yr and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration report difficult driving conditions and local delays in several parts of the country.

At Hardangervidda, slippery roads with snow and slopes have led to two cars having ended up partly in the ditch, and on Dagalifjell a brothel had to be in action Thursday morning. More cars have got caught.

In Oppland, snow has fallen on the road, and it had to be crossed over Valdresflya.

On Fridays, Møre og Romsdal and Trøndelag can also get snowdrifts that can cause delays and locally difficult driving conditions on the roads. Therefore, anyone who is traveling in traffic should check the local weather forecasts and use tires to suit the conditions.

In West Norway a lot of precipitation is expected, which can cause more soils and floods. Steep slopes, as well as streams and river rains with high water flow, are particularly exposed.

With snow showers and zero-flying over the mountains, Vegvesenet recommends nobody to drive a car with summer tires.

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