Smooth roads, closed mountain passes and storms all over the country

Precipitation and storms have created soap-smooth roads in several places in the country, and several mountain passes and national roads are closed. – Drive very carefully, urging the police.

Night before Christmas Day a woman in her 60s had to get help to get out of the car after it ended up on the roof at Egge church in Steinkjer in Trøndelag around 1.30. The woman came unharmed from the incident.

– It is smooth on the spot, and that is the whole of Trøndelag, says operations manager Trond Volden in Trøndelag police district to NTB.

About an hour later, Trøndelag police district on Twitter reports that three cars on the E6 in Rennebu are stuck on slippery roads and must be helped by the car driver.

Closed roads

In addition to slippery roads, wind, milder weather and rainfall have also led to several closed roads and mountain crossings in southern Norway.

At 11.15 pm Veitrafikksentralen Vest on Twitter stated that there is column driving on national road 52 over Hemsedalsfjellet due to storms. At 2.52 o’clock until Christmas day, Veitrafikksentralen Vest reports that there is also column driving at Haukelifjell because of the storm.

Highway 13 over Vikafjellet closed, and there will be a new assessment on Tuesday at 8. In addition, national road 7 over Hardangervidda is closed for all vehicles, after there was column driving for vehicles over 7.5 tons.

County Road 13 over Gaularfjell is closed between Langestølen and Mel. The county road 50 between Hol and Aurland in Buskerud is also closed. County Road 53 between Årdal and Tyin is closed in Sogn og Fjordane, but open in Oppland, Veitrafikksentralen Vest informs at 23.30.

The traffic traffic center in the east reports at 6 am on Tuesday morning that the county road 27 over Venabygdsfjellet in Oppland does not open after having been closed overnight. The reason is bad weather, and a new assessment will be taken at 12 noon.

Alerts bad weather

The Meteorological Institute announced on Twitter Christmas Eve about slippery conditions largely across the country. In Trøndelag and in Western Norway there has been reported snow or sleet that eventually turns into rain.

Locally in the eastern part of Norway, the night of Christmas day has reported difficult driving conditions due to rain that freezes on the ground, and in Nordland and south of Troms, difficult driving conditions are expected due to heavy wind, precipitation and varying temperature conditions.

Police asked Christmas Eve drivers to be careful.

– The police receive many messages from all over our extensive county that there are soiled roads in many places. The police ask that you drive very carefully, writes Trøndelag police district on Twitter.

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