Smoldering fire in housing at Skatval

The emergency services moved out to a melting fire in a dwelling on Skatval. Nobody was injured.

The fire department quickly gained control of the fire that occurred in a housing on Skatval on Wednesday morning.

“There is talk of a lot of smoke, so the fire department is now running out of the house,” says Ole Petter Hollingen, operations manager at Trøndelag police district.

No personal injuries have been reported, but residents must have breathed some smoke and have been added to health.

Any damage to the property is currently unknown.

– It has been reported that there has been a melting fire, ie no open flames.

Fire will be on site to air out, as well as ensure that the fire does not fire again.

“The police will question and investigate the case as far as possible until you can enter the building,” concludes Hollingen.

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