Small town evacuated from forest fire in New Zealand

An entire small town with more than 3,000 inhabitants is evacuated as a result of forest and bush fire in New Zealand.

The authorities in New Zealand have declared a state of emergency in Wakefield as a result of the fire ravaging South Island. So far, the flames have spread over 21 square kilometers. The fire department does not have control.

Regional police chief Zane Hooper says Saturday’s evacuation was successful, but chief fire officer John Sutton said it could be critical Sunday.

– I’m worried about tomorrow, to be honest. Today we are well placed strategically, but we are in the hands of God when it comes to the wind. If we get wind of 13 meters per second, we are in danger, says Sutton.

Helicopters are used in the extinguishing work to prevent the fire from spreading to Wakefield. They have also been used for other areas, among other things to prevent the city of Nelson with 50,000 inhabitants being hit.

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