Six were killed in a train accident on a bridge over the Great Belt

Six passengers died when a lightning train was hit by parts of another train and had to slow down strongly on the bridge over the Great Belt. 16 people are injured.

The Danish police confirm that six people have died in the accident and that 16 are injured. It was the train company DSB who first stated that six had lost their lives. It blew heavily in the area when the accident happened.

At 11.30, police and rescue services were still working at the accident site. Car traffic is open in the eastern direction, while traffic to the west is still closed.

The light train had to slow down after being hit by parts from another train. The parts came from a freight train loaded with beer that ran in the opposite direction, reports Danish TV 2.

Crisis Center

The light train was on its way to Copenhagen, while the freight train was going to Funen. Both ambulances, police and experts from the Danish Accident Investigation Board were sent to the site after the accident.

A shelter was established at Nyborg Sports Center. Undamaged train passengers were encouraged to contact relatives via SMS. At the lightning train there should have been 131 passengers and three employees when the accident happened just after 7.30.

Heavy weather

The Great Belt Bridge was closed for road traffic due to storm and heavy wind when the accident happened.

“The wind is coming in almost straight from the north and blowing across the Sound and the Great Belt,” said watchman meteorologist Henning Gisselø at the Danish Meteorological Institute night until Wednesday.

Both the Great Belt Bridge and the Øresund Bridge were closed for road traffic in both directions just before 4 o’clock.

Power outages in Sweden and Norway

In other places in Denmark, train traffic is closed as a result of blown down trees and overhead lines.

Sweden is also affected by the storm that has been named Alfrida. Many blown-down trees are over the roads, and in the morning there were over a hundred thousand households without power. At Fårösund, wind speeds of more than 34 meters per second have been recorded.


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