Six firefighters released after Norwegian woman reported gang rape in Paris

The prosecutor was unsuccessful when six firefighters were presented for custody after being reported for a gang rape in Paris in France. Investigation is ongoing.

The prosecutor requested that the six should receive the status of suspect in the gang rape that a Norwegian woman reported to them. But he was unsuccessful by the judge, who instead gave them status as “assisted witness” and ordered them to attend new interrogations with the attorney present.

They were released from custody because the judge has not yet found clear evidence against them. But the investigation will continue, and they may still be charged for rape or for failing to help a person in danger. Four of them are being investigated for the first-mentioned crime, while two are being investigated for failing to help the woman.


The newspaper Le Parisien has previously reported that the woman reported the relationship on Saturday, which resulted in three firefighters being arrested the same day. The next day, four other firefighters were arrested. Everyone was suspended from their positions until further notice.

The French newspaper writes that the firefighters, who belong to the French military, met three female Norwegian students on a bar Friday night. A few hours later, they went on to another bar, and at four o’clock on Saturday morning the three women joined the barracks where the men work and live. This is where the event has taken place.

One of the men claims he and several others had volunteer sex with the offended woman.

– Six or seven men

The woman has explained that she had voluntary sexual relations with one of the men in his room, but that it was degenerate to gang rape, the newspaper said. She should also have explained that she was raped by six or seven men, but that the room was so dark that she felt she would not be able to recognize them.

After the incident she will have locked herself in a toilet. There she must have been found by the other two students several hours later. The woman was then in shock, the newspaper writes.

Technical investigations

The police were on Monday conducting technical investigations, and the room of one of the firefighters was blocked.

The fire service management emphasizes that the reactions will be severe if the charges prove to be correct.

– These actions will not be tolerated. They are contrary to the values ​​advocated by the firefighters in Paris, who are supposed to behave exemplarily, which fortunately is the case with the great majority, Lieutenant Colonel Gabriel Plus told Le Parisien.

– The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not familiar with the matter beyond what has emerged in the media, says press spokeswoman Astrid Sehl to NTB.

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