Siv Jensen says – We have a good budget to submit

At 10.00 on Monday, the Minister of Finance Siv Jensen (Frp) will propose a state budget for 2019 to the government in parliament.

“What we have to present now is a good budget,” said Minister of Finance Siv Jensen (Frp) when she met the press early Monday morning.

“We are in a situation now where we have to spend the good times to ensure that our welfare society is safe and, not least, create a safer Norway,” said Jensen when she met the press outside her home in Oslo early Monday morning .

Asking if she has any gifts for KrF, she replied that she thinks there will be mixed reactions.

“There are many things in the state budget that I think KrF will certainly ignore, but surely some things they would like to see improved,” replied Jensen, who added that she hopes it will not be her last state budget.

The key figures of the state budget will be presented at 8 o’clock while the government presents its proposal for a budget for the Parliament at 10 o’clock.


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