Singapore Airlines denies that they are spying on the passengers

Singapore Airlines denies having spied on the passengers with cameras installed on the back of some of their aircraft.

Several travellers have reacted with concern after they discovered small cameras staring at them at the bottom of the screen at the back of the seats in front of them.

– I just found this sensor looking at me from the back seat of Singapore Airlines. Someone knows if this is a camera, Vitaly Kamluk tweeted. On his tweet there was a picture of the screen with the built-in camera.

Another passenger urged the company to notify all passengers and get their approval, especially EU residents, and explain why they do this and what they do with the data they collect.

The airline confirms that some of their latest entertainment systems actually have built-in cameras, but they assure the public that the cameras are disabled.

– These cameras are installed by the manufacturer for future development. They are permanently disabled and cannot be activated on board, the company says.

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