Shutdown threatens growth in the US economy

The White House admits that the partial shutdown causes much more damage than expected to the US economy, according to the New York Times.

The White House’s advice for financial advisers has doubled the estimates of how much economic growth in the country is lost weekly due to the partial closure of the US state, the newspaper writes .

The closure, which is now in its fourth week, has among other things led to 800,000 state employees not being paid salaries, including embassy staff.

President Donald Trump has repeatedly highlighted the country’s economic condition as one of the management’s success stories, but the shutdown may lead to poorer economies.

On Tuesday, tens of thousands of government employees had to work without pay with the treatment of tax returns, air traffic and food and medicine security. It was the Trump administration himself who called the employees back in an attempt to curb the effects of the shutdown.

It was also Trump who launched the shutdown when he refused to sign the budget on December 22, because it did not contain the 5.7 billion dollars he would have for the construction of the border wall. The Democrats believe the humanitarian crisis he mentions at the border is partly a consequence of his own policy.

Trump said on December 11 that he will be proud to shut down parts of the public sector. Last Friday, he said he was still in charge of the statement.

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