Shares close to 600 million to the shareholders

The Christian Ringnes-controlled companies Eiendomsspar and Victoria Eiendom pay out a total dividend to the shareholders of NOK 573 million for 2018, according to the quarterly reports for the fourth quarter. NOK 166 million accrues to Ringnes himself writes DN.

– As far as both companies are concerned, we are well pleased with the year that has been reached. Current cash flow and earnings are good, so we have made no adjustments to yield or yield requirements this year. In light of this, we think that just over ten percent is an ok development in underlying values, says Christian Ringnes to DN.

– I think it has been very easy in real estate. Falling interest rates and downward yield requirements all the time mean that all real estate companies have received a lot of free in terms of value increase. It is probably to some extent over , says Ringnes to the newspaper.

At the same time, Ringnes believes that there are few good alternatives.

– I think property relatively speaking, compared to the old days, will be less profitable than it has been. On the other hand, it is not very different that is profitable either because of the low interest rate level, you get no money in the bank, and the stock market appears to be high priced and uncertain. So in a world of people who are limping, he who goes on two legs is pretty good, and it is probably a description of the real estate market, says Ringnes.

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