Severe traffic accident in tunnel on the E10 in Lofoten

Severe traffic accident occurred in tunnel on the E10 in Lofoten.

According to police, a man is seriously injured in a collision between a bus and a passenger car in the Fjøsdalt tunnel on the E10 in Flakstad in Lofoten.

The police were notified about accident at 9.23.

“The driver of the passenger car got stuck after the accident and was released at 10 o’clock,” says operations manager Mads Bernhoft to NTB.

The man was sent to Gravdal Hospital on Vestvågøy after the accident.

In the bus there was only the driver and a passenger and both were unharmed. The bus was on its way from Leknes to Oh when it collided with the passenger car, according to Lofotposten.

The tunnel was closed in both directions after the accident and there are no bypass possibilities.

(© NTB)

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