Several expelled criminals will stay in Sweden

For more than ten years, two Palestinian brothers from Lebanon have been criminally hyperactive in Sweden. They have both been decided expelled several times, but Sweden has not yet succeeded in expelling them. (Screen shot from Expressen TV)

In Sweden, a government inquiry recommends changing the law to make it easier for expelled criminals to still get a residence permit in the country.

– It is a very, very good investigation that has such a very important proposal, says Christina Höj Larsen, the Left Party spokesman for migration, inclusion and anti-racism to Expressen .

Even today, very few of those who have been deported are actually expelled. Of those convicted of serious crime such as murder and rape, only a minority ends up leaving Sweden.

Multi-criminal brothers expelled several times

In several reports, Expressen has talked about two multi-criminal Palestinian brothers from Lebanon who came to Sweden more than ten years ago. They have since been sentenced many times for violence, theft, illegal driving, promo driving, violence against a civil servant and a number of other conditions.

Despite the fact that they have been expelled several times, they are still in Sweden. If they do not have the right to asylum in Sweden, they will not receive a residence permit.

The reason why one has not been able to carry out expulsion is that Lebanon only accepts expelled persons who return voluntarily.

But the brothers won’t. Swedish police have escorted one of them to the Lebanese embassy in Stockholm, where he has been able to sign that he agrees with the expulsion, but he has refused.

But Lebanon is also not a simple country to do. Swedish police state that it has become more difficult to carry out expulsions to Lebanon lately.

Åkesson: – Several must be expelled

During the election campaign, the leader of the Swedish Democrats Jimmie Åkesson argued that more people with a deportation decision must be expelled. In March 2018 he said that “the time when foreign rapists and criminals are allowed to stay in Sweden must end. We demand that deportations of convicted persons be enforced. ”

But a government inquiry commissioned by the Social Democratic government proposes the opposite: more people should be allowed – despite gross crime and deportation decision.

According to the investigation, it will be easier to obtain a residence permit because of what is called “practical enforcement obstacles” (practical problems in implementing the decision), also for murderers and rapists.

There may be several causes for the problems, according to Expressen. Some countries refuse to accept their own citizens:

One reason may be that the country that a person should return to is not able to enter, for example because the border crossings are closed. Another reason may be that the country’s authorities simply refuse to accept the deported person.

It’s just giving up, says Vänsterpartiet’s Höj Larsen:

– It is only to realize that this group of people will not be expelled anywhere. And then the question is, what’s best for society? That they continue to live in no man’s country, where they also have no right to any compensation worth the name? And what do you think people do then?

There are no figures on how many expulsions have failed due to “practical impediments to enforcement,” writes Expressen.

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