Seven teenagers convicted of brutal robbery of prostitutes in Bogstadveien. Only one gets a jail sentence

The idea of ​​robbing prostitutes should be the teenage boys having read about similar robbery. Before the brutal robbery, teenagers ordered sexual services of victims, via an escort page online.

Seven boys who were between 16 and 19 years old robbed two prostitutes in Oslo last year are convicted. Only one of them was sentenced to prison. Originally there were two teenage boys who planned to rob prostitutes. But eventually they brought five other teenage boys on plans to rob prostitutes in Oslo who conveyed sexual services via a website.

Prison sentence is two years and four months, writes VårtOslo . It also includes other factors. One of the other defendants is convicted of social punishment, while five are convicted of juvenile punishment.

Through conversation logs and online chats, the district court received good insight into the planning. Several of the defendants claimed that these conversations were “air” and spit, but they acknowledged essentially the actual circumstances of the indictment.

The two East European prostitutes who used the apartment were threatened with a softgun, a weapon copy that shoots plastic balls, but resembles a common firearm. Four of the robbers were inside the apartment while the others kept guard outside.

The women say they feared for life and that the defendants called for them to kill them. This rejects the defendants. One of the defendants struggled with the women to get a sack he forgot on his way out.

The defendants are also sentenced to pay $ 60,000 in return for each of the women and to repay 130,000 kroner and pay another 33,000 kroner in compensation.

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