Seven people injured in a knife attack in Paris

Seven injured in knife attacks in Paris on Sunday night, two of them injured were British tourist – according to sources and French police.

The man was arrested and taken away by the police. One source tells AFP news agency that the man must be a Afghan citizen. The assault was not initially being treated as terrorism. His motives and identity were not immediately known.

The circumstances surrounding the attack in front of the Quai de la Loire cinema are currently unknown, but there should be no indication that there is a terrorist attack.

A group of men playing pétanque nearby tried to stop the attacker — one of them threw his pétanque ball at him — but the assailant continued down a side street and attacked more people, including the British tourists, the reports said.

The police were then able to arrest him.

Mounir Mahjoubi, the junior minister for digital affairs in the French government, who was elected to Parliament last year in the district that includes the 19th Arrondissement, expressed thanks on Twitter for “the people who intervened against the attacker.”

Photo courtesy – Gretty Images

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