Seven jihadists sentenced to life in prison in Tunisia

A Tunisian court has sentenced seven jihadists to life in prison for the terrorist attacks on bathers on a beach and museum in 2015.

Two separate trials have been ongoing about the attacks that took place in months between Tunis and Sousse four years ago. A total of 60 people were killed in the attacks.

Four have been sentenced to life for the shooting in Sousse, and three have been sentenced to life for the attack on the Bardo Museum and National Assembly, spokesman Sofiene Sliti told the Tunisia prosecution on Saturday.

Tens of others were also charged with the two attacks, but many were acquitted. An unknown number of defendants were sentenced to between six and sixteen years in prison.

38 people, 30 of them British tourists, were killed when a man opened fire on bathers at a beach hotel in Sousse on June 26, 2015. Two months before, March 18, 22 people, most of them foreign tourists, were killed then two. armed men attacked the Bardo Museum and the National Assembly of Tunis.

The court found that the two attacks, which the jihadist group IS ‘claimed to be behind, were closely linked.

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