Seven injured after shooting at a party room outside Gothenburg

Seven people were injured in a shooting incident outside Gothenburg, Sweden.

Five people were taken to hospital after an alarm was raised during a unknown shooting outside a party room in Mölnlycke in Gothenburg on Saturday.

The police worked Saturday night to get an overview of what has happened. The message that the shot was fired came in at 21:20 on Saturday.

“We can not say how many are injured or how serious the injuries are, but by now, everybody is alive, as far as I know, but you never know how it’s done with injury,” said press spokesman Tommy Nyman at the police in Gothenburg.

The police have been very reluctant with information.

Several people were interrogated according to SVT. Police started questioning witnesses about assassination attempts, but there is no information that someone has been arrested yet.

Major crews moved out, in addition to ambulances, and it must have been chaotic for a period of time. Several passenger cars are stopped and checked during the evening.

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