Have seen themselves tired of visitors posing in front of Auschwitz

The Auschwitz Museum has been bored with people who visit the German concentration camps as if they were any tourist attraction.

In a Twitter message, the Auschwitz museum asks visitors to stop taking pictures of themselves while balancing on the railroad tracks leading in to the former concentration camp.

“When you visit the Auschwitz Museum, remember that you are in the place where over a million people were killed,” the museum writes in the message posted Wednesday. Along with the message, the museum has posted a montage of several visitors who test their acrobatic skills on the railway tracks in front of the extermination camp.

“Respect the memories. There are better places to learn to balance on a rail than on the spot that symbolizes the deportation of hundreds of thousands to their safe death, ”the museum continues in the message.

It is not the first time so-called selfies and photo positions from Auschwitz create reactions.

From time to time, photos are posted in social media by visitors who hold two thumbs up under the Arbeit Macht Frei portal or self-portraits with smileys.

Auschwitz is regarded by many as the ultimate symbol of the Nazi genocide of the Jews before and during World War II.

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