The search continues after F-35 accident in Japan

The Japanese defense has picked up wreckage from the F-35 plane that crashed in April, but the hull, filled with top-secret technology, is still gone.

The F-35A aircraft crashed into the sea northeast of Japan in April. Neither the pilot nor the airplane has been found, and the reason is still unknown.

However, some debris, including part of the road recorder, was picked up from the seabed at the beginning of May, according to Japan’s Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya.

“The Ministry of Defense is examining the parts, but so far, the important memory chips from the road recorder have not been found,” he says. Japanese and American exploration vessels have previously found parts of the flight.

The handlebars are the first accident registered with an F-35. The plane that crashed is of the same type that Norway has bought. It was reported missing on April 9, in an area 135 kilometers east of the Misawa airbase, when it was on a training mission.

In the search, US and Japanese forces have used data from a Japanese research vessel that can survey the seabed. In addition, a specialized vessel with divers who can operate at large depths has been installed.

Japan replaces its aging fleet of F-4 fighter aircraft with F-35, which they have purchased for about $ 790 million per machine. They are an important part of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s efforts to upgrade the country’s defense, in a continent where China’s influence is becoming increasingly widespread.

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