Seafood chef will sell Norwegian whales to Japan

If Norway is to teach Japan about the management of whales, we must demand access to the Japanese market, says the head of the industry association Seafood Norway.

Japanese representatives have recently been in Norway to learn about management and quota setting for whaling, writes Fiskeribladet . The country recently announced that it will resume commercial whaling and resign from the International Whaling Commission.

According to Fiskeribladet, the Norwegian authorities must be positive about dialogue with the Japanese. Seafood Norway believes Norway should get something concrete again thanks for the help.

– If they demand our expertise, we will bring our whale products into the Japanese market in return. Something else will be out of the question, says CEO Geir Ove Ystmark. He says that Norway has partial access to the Japanese market with frozen meat, but for fresh products, the rules are complicated and confusing.

– If something Norwegian whaling needs, there is market access.

Fisheries Minister Harald T. Nesvik (FRP) says he is aware of the requirement from Seafood Norway and says it is something that must be considered together with a number of other factors.

– I will discuss market access for whales when I travel to Japan in March, says Nesvik, who will visit the country for four days.

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