Ryanair takes up the fight against SAS and Norwegian in Scandinavia

Travelers can rejoice at lower prices after Ryanair arrives in Scandinavia.

The Irish airline Ryanair has said they will return to the largest airport in the Nordic region, – Kastrup in Copenhagen. And they will be able to set up a base there in a year, according to flysmart24 , who first wrote about the case.

The company is in the process of entering into wage and labor agreements with pilots and cabin employees throughout Europe, which will also take place in Denmark. A few years ago, the company got a Danish trade union movement on its neck. They did not want to provide ground services because Ryanair had to enter into a collective agreement with employees, which at that time was not relevant. The condition is changing:

– The largest market here is Norway. The competition is coming, and the current duopoly between SAS and Norwegian will be a thing of the past two to three years. Ryanair will probably try to “wage” in order to gain market share through very low ticket prices. First on the routes to and from the capital cities, says aviation analyst Hans Jørgen Elnæs in the company Winair, to flysmart24.

The fight will take place on the flights between the Scandinavian capitals.

– neither SAS nor Norwegian are interested in losing market share or getting reduced ticket prices on the capital triangle. Therefore, they will use all available means to attack a Ryanair attack. Such a situation will greatly benefit anyone traveling on these routes, ticket prices will probably fall dramatically. So it remains to see who is left as a winner, says Elnæs.

The forecast for Elnæs is that travelers will be delighted at lower prices. As SAS and Norwegian will have to downgrade prices to be able to keep customers in competition with Ryanair.

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