Ryanair canceled nearly 250 flights due to strikes

About 40,000 passengers are hit when cabin crews in the airline Ryanair strike on Friday.

Cabin workers in Germany, Belgium, Portugal, the Netherlands, Spain and Italy, as well as German pilots, strike Friday. Both the airline and the cabin crew in the company have demanded better payroll and working conditions.

Ryanair announces that it will cancel nearly 250 of 2,400 scheduled flights due to the strike, which will hit around 40,000 passengers.

In Germany alone, 133 flights have been canceled in and out of the country, which accounts for just under 40 percent of the flights scheduled.

Friday morning, the company wrote on Twitter that most of the flights are going as planned.

“Despite the regrettable and unjustified strike taking place in 6 of our 37 markets today, all the 400 first flights have taken off to scheduled time this morning.

“Today, over 2,150 Ryanair flights (90 percent of scheduled flights) will go as normal and fly 400,000 passengers across Europe. Ryanair does everything we can to make sure that our passengers are affected as little as possible, and we told our customers as early as possible to offer them a free rebooking, repayment of the money or flying another route, writes Ryanair.

In a recent statement, the airline states that there have been major advances in the negotiations in recent weeks, showing, among other things, a signed collective agreement with employees in Ireland, Britain, Italy and Germany.

Legal steps

“These strikes show that, despite its recent statements, Ryanair has a long way to go,” said Gabriel Mocho Rodriguez of the International Transport Workers-Related ITF.

“You can not argue that negotiations are going well when workers in six countries choose to strike,” he adds.

In the Netherlands, VNV is now taking legal action to prevent Ryanair from retrieving pilots from abroad to replace staff strikes.

The staff at Ryanair have strikes several times since it was allowed in December to organize themselves professionally.

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