Russian man charged for spying in Norway

The 51-year-old Russian was arrested by PST at Gardermoen on Friday afternoon after attending a seminar in the Parliament under the auspices of the European Center for Parliamentary Research and Documentation (ECPRD). He is charged with illegal intelligence actively appeals the custody order for two weeks.

Saturday morning, he was presented to Oslo District Court and imprisoned for two weeks. Monday afternoon, his defendant, lawyer Hege Aakre, informed NTB that the trial was being appealed.

Lawyer has defended the charges on her client and claims to be a misunderstanding by police force. They have detained him based on observations and not on firm evidence, she adds.

According to the defender, the Russian has a good explanation of what he has done, and if this explanation is correct, it will be clear that he has not done anything criminal.

She did not want to elaborate on this.

“I do not want to go into detail in detail,” said Aakre when she was on her way to Oslo Prison to meet the client Monday morning.

Russian embassy in Oslo are aware of the arrest and will provide necessary assistance to the imprisoned man.

“The embassy assesses the arrest and the subsequent detention sentence as a constructive invention under an absurd pretext, writes the Embassy on its Facebook pages.

The Russian are charged with violation of section 121 of the Criminal Code on intelligence activities against state secrets. The prison is justified with the risk of eviction and danger of danger.

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