Russian “chariot” rescues weather-resistant aircraft

It is certainly an eye-catcher at Domodedovo airport in Moscow, the bright orange belt BREM-1. Airport’s latest emergency vehicle.

BREM-1 is designed for the notorious Soviet t-72 T-72 chariot from the 1970s. Originally it was designed by Russian authorities to assist tanks stuck in winter, but at the airport they found a far more appropriate job for the 41-tonne donation.

With a tractive force on staggering 125 tons, the tracked carriage should be able to tow even large transcontinental passenger aircraft. If it were to be so unfortunate to end up in one of the snowdrifts in the capital airport.

According to Russian media , one is no stranger to trying out the bright orange belt carriage also at several other high-traffic airports in the country.

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