Russian air attacks in Idlib intensifies, says SOHR

Russia and Syrian regime forces have intensified air attacks in Idlib province, northwest of Syria on Sunday, according to the SOHR Exile Group.

According to the information of SOHR, the attack was aimed at the south of Idlib as well as targets in rural areas in the northern part of the neighboring province of Hama.

Helicopters from the government forces have released more than 60 barrels of bombs over the village of Hobait in the southern rural area of Idlib,” says Ramh Abdulrahman, SOHR leader.

Two children were killed and at least 6 people were injured in the attack, says Abdulrahman.

SOHR states that Russian fighters carried out at least 14 attacks at the rebel post in the Al-Latamneh village of Hama. The village underground hospital was hit during the attack and has to be closed due to dmages.

A total of 150 attacks have been carried out since Saturday and Sunday. The last two bombing days have forced more than 5,000 people to flee to safer areas further north of Idlib, as well as to the northwest of Aleppo province, SOHR announced Sunday.

Civilians fear major chemical attack

Civilians are preparing themselves for the worst conditions. The last American envoy to Syria, according to the BBC, said that there is more evidence that Syrian government forces are preparing to use chemical weapons during a military major offensive to take back Idlib in Syria.

At the same time, the Syrian government has repeatedly refused to use chemical weapons.

The civilians hamster the food it’s possible to grab, dig cavities into bomb rooms and hopes home-made plastic gas masks, cardboard and charcoal will keep the children alive against chemical attacks.

The UN has expressed great concern for the civilian in recent days and says an offense against Idlib can lead to a humanitarian disaster greater than we have seen in the seven-year war.

Eight EU countries warn in a joint statement against the “potentially catastrophic humanitarian consequences” if chemical weapons are used in Idlib Province in Syria.

They write that the use of chemical weapons will be “totally unacceptable” and asks that they involved, “mainly Russia and Iran”, to ensure that such an attack does not take place.

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