Roper warns about a large increase in substance abuse among teenagers in Stavanger

Ruspoliklinikk young Stavanger is frightened by how the young people are coming there, and says to Aftenbladet it seems that intoxication is “in” among the youngers.

The number of drug cases in Stavanger where the persons involved are under the age of 18 doubled during the year 2018, according to the police’s preventive section in Stavanger, which last year stated that children down to the age of 12 have bought substances as LSD in the oil town. In January, two 15-year-old boys were admitted to the SUS after overdose.

“Things indicate that there is a rush of adolescence among young people right now,” says Birgitte Akselsen, clinical social worker and family therapist at the drug clinic young Stavanger at Stavanger University Hospital (SUS) to Stavanger Aftenblad .

She says young people they get referred to the department state that they are robbing themselves because it is fun and that they are not afraid. One claim they often encounter is that alcohol is “much more dangerous than other drugs”.

Head of the Norwegian Drugs Policy Association (NNPF) Jan Erik Bresil says that young people have a lower threshold for debuting with drugs than before.

“Increased accessibility, delusions that it’s not dangerous and misunderstandings about legalization are important reasons for the unfortunate development,” says Bresil.

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