Ronaldo’s lawyer says the documents claiming rape have been manipulated

Cristiano Ronaldo yet again rejects all charges against him

According to the British newspaper The Independent, Ronaldo’s lawyer claims that the documents related to the rape allegations against the renowned player have been manipulated. The lawyers also states that the player again rejects the rape allegations against him.

Ronaldo’s lawyer Peter Christiansen has called the documents “clean up”. The lawyer describes the case as a “defamatory campaign based on stolen and manipulated digital documents”.

The football star is under pressure since Kathryn Mayorga alleged him of raping her in Las Vegas. The case between has become publicly known and flared up. Through her new lawyer the woman has delivered a civil complaint to the US judiciary to obtain the confidentiality statement Ronaldo signed with her abolished.

Fake documents

Peter Christiansen now claims that back in 2015, the documents related to the rape case were stolen due to a hacker attack and then changed. He rejects all the charges against Cristiano Ronaldo.

“In 2015, dozens of offices, including law firms, were in various parts of Europe attacked and electronic data stolen by a” cybercriminal “, the lawyer said in a statement Wednesday.

The documents show how the dialogue between the two of them went after the event. There Ronaldo must have said that the woman said “no” and “stop” several times.

“To avoid doubts yet again, Cristiano Ronaldo’s position has always been and continues to be that what happened in Las Vegas 2009 took place with consent.”

The lawyer confirmed at the same time that his client agreed to a settlement outside court with Mayorga in 2010, as German Der Spiegel mentioned. They have also received Kathryn Mayorga to talk about the alleged rape.

Agreement is not admission of guilt in any way

According to Mayorga, she was pulled into a bedroom and raped by Cristiano Ronaldo after meeting earlier in the night with the current Juventus player in the VIP area at the nightclub Rain in Las Vegas.

Ronaldo paid the woman about three million Norwegian kroner to sign a statement of confidence after the incident, despite the fact that he has rejected all the allegations and claimed his innocence.

However, the lawyer of Ronaldo believes that the cause that led to this agreement is at least distorted.

“This agreement is not in any way an admission of guilt. What happened was that Cristiano Ronaldo followed the advice of his counselors to put an end to the outrageous charges against him. “

According to her new lawyer, Mayorga’s mental state was not enough to sign a confidentiality statement in 2009. That is why there is a new vote in the matter.

According to the New York Times, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department confirmed in a statement last week that the case with Ronaldo and Mayorga was resumed.

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