The Road Administration must wipe out 240 homes for E18 development

The E18 in Bærum is up for the expansion work and for that the Road Administration must expunge homes and buildings on the roadside.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration shall expropriate and eradicate 240 homes and 30 commercial buildings. The estimated price for the expansion work is 2.5 billion.

According to, the property purchase is mainly financed by toll.

– Unfortunately, there are many homes. In addition, we are in an area with high land prices, “says project manager Grete Tvedt in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

It is a distance of 4.3 kilometers between Lysaker and Ramstadsletta that the roadside must look up for the houses. The development is estimated to cost 14 billion. Every fifth crown goes to expropriation and demolition.

– So far, approx. Half of the homes acquired, says project manager Grete Tvedt.

Most of the development costs, about 75 percent, will be financed with toll costs.

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