The right will remove housing tax in Oslo by 2024

The right is planning to remove property tax of NOK 450 million in Oslo within four years. Ap believes that the tax removal will go beyond services.

“Our goal is also to remove the nutrition tax. But we will first prioritize housing tax, and it will last out during the period, “says James Stove Lorentzen, chairman of Oslo Høyres Program Committee for Aftenposten . On Monday he presents the proposal for electoral program for the period 2020-2024.

Oslo Aps fiscal spokesman Frode Jacobsen believes the removal will go beyond the services.

“It means over NOK 500 million each year in less money for welfare issues such as seniors, kindergarten and school. The money must be taken from somewhere. I look forward to seeing how the Right will cut this every year, “he says.

But Lorentzen believes that through better “priorities and streamlining” this will be offset.

“We assume that the good economic conditions continue. But if, for example, the tax intake fails and unemployment increases, we must step down over a few years, he says.

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