Residential building caught fire in Namdalseid

A residential house in Namdalseid was burning fiercely. The police reported on Twitter at 3.23 that all emergency services are on their way to the place.

“It will take some time before they arrive, and we do not have the status of the fire now, except that all residents will be out of the house,” says operations manager Ole Petter Hollingen at Trøndelag police district to NTB shortly thereafter.

When the fire department arrived, the house was overturned. There was one person left in the house and that person was rescued.

There was only one person in the house, a man in the 50s, and he got unharmed, according to the police.

“The house is ablaze, the fire department is controlling the burnout of the house,” police said.

The storm Helena, this year’s first autumn storm is heading up the northwest coast night to Thursday, but has not yet come to this area.

(© NTB)

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