Red will help those with the least advice to pay the electricity bill

Red suggests providing additional housing support to help disadvantaged people pay for electricity, which has been more expensive over the last six months than long.

The proposal is presented in the Storting on Wednesday.

– What Red suggests is that those who already have such poor advice that they receive state housing allowance will receive an extra payment to avoid the power shock ending up in financial problems or health problems for families around the country. After the long cold season in 2011, the number of collection cases on electricity bills increased by 15 per cent, says Storting representative Bjørnar Moxnes.

He points out that the current government parties, Right, KrF and Venstre, suggested something similar last time the electricity price peaked, in 2010.

“Warm homes are still as important, and now the government parties have the chance to show that they not only care about people’s living conditions when they are in opposition,” says Moxnes.

The proposal was first implemented the following year, which led to an extra payment of NOK 2,500 for the households who were entitled to it. Now, therefore, Rødt wants to provide the same emergency assistance to the approximately 130,000 households that, according to the Housing Bank, receive housing support in the course of a year.

Electricity prices have been unusually high over the past six months, according to the industry organization EnergiNorge. So far this year, the average price has been around NOK 0.50 per kilowatt hour, compared with NOK 0.30 in January 2018. It is expected that the price will remain at the same level in the future.

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