Red danger level after movements in the Man mountain

Movements in the mountain Man had increased the danger levels of water.

The snow that fell on Saturday night has begun to melt, and the movements still increase at the mountain Man in Møre og Romsdal. NVE maintains red danger level.

“Today, the movements in the Veslemannen mountain range have continued to increase as temperatures have risen and the snow has begun to melt. The speed is now around 10-11 cm a day in the upper part and around 1-3 cm in the lower part, says geologist in NVE Gudrun Dreiås Majala in a press release at 18:00 Saturday night.

On Saturday night there was minus degrees and up to 15 centimeters of snow had settled on the mountain and there are pluses and rainfall in the area.

“It is expected that the snow will continue to melt until it gets colder, which leads to regular water inflow to Veslemannen.

Due to increased movements, NVE maintains red danger levels, NVE writes.

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