Rape cases against former Molde players will be investigated more

The state prosecutor asks for more investigation into a rape case against a former player on Moldes elite team in football.

The case from 2014 was dropped in November last year as “no criminal case is considered proven”. The woman who should have been raped complained about the decision, and now Hordaland and Sogn and Fjordane government prosecutors have ordered more investigation, writes Nettavisen.

– I have asked the police to do more investigation into the case. Beyond that, I have no comments, says state prosecutor Ellen Cathrine Greve.

The player was acquitted in Romsdal District Court for a sleeping rape, but sentenced to pay NOK 150,000 in compensation. The prosecution appealed the acquittal. The appeal case should have actually started in the Frostating Court of Appeal earlier this month, but is postponed until October 1.

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