Queen Elizabeth calls for respect in her Christmas message

Queen Elizabeth in her traditional speech on Christmas Day asks everyone to treat each other with respect.

Excerpts from the speech were released to the press on Christmas Eve.

– Even with the deepest disagreements, treating each other with respect and as fellow human beings is always a good first step towards greater understanding, the queen will say among other things.

Without being mentioned, this is being interpreted by several British media as a clear reference to the bitter struggle that now rides the United Kingdom. The people are divided, political parties are split, and the debates in Parliament have been particularly tough in recent weeks.


In his Christmas speech, which every year gathers the British in front of the TV screens in the afternoon of Christmas Day 1, the Queen will also talk about Jesus’ message of charity this year:

– I believe that the message of peace on earth and that everyone should show goodwill to one another is not outdated. It needs more than ever.

The Queen also speaks in the speech about the importance of family and friendship, writes Sky News.

The British royal family has a very eventful year behind them where the highlights have been two weddings and two births. In May, Prince Harry married Meghan Markle and in October Princess Beatrice married Jack Brooksbank. Both weddings took place in Windsor.

The queen has also received two new great-grandchildren. Prince William and Kate have their third child, and Zara Philips also became mother in 2018.

Taken up at Buckingham Palace

The Queen’s Christmas speech was recorded on a Christmas ornament Buckingham Palace on December 12, the day after Theresa May postponed the vote on the Brexit agreement. It will now be voted on in January.

On the writing desk is a black-and-white picture taken in 1949 by the Queen and her husband, Prince Philip, holding a few months old Prince Charles between them.

The speech is the last Queen Elizabeth holds to the British people before the UK leaves the EU. It is scheduled for March 29 next year.

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