Prosecutor asked for 13 years in prison for terrorist-ordered Lebanese

In his procedure on Wednesday, the prosecutor filed a claim for 13 years for the 35-year-old Lebanese who is charged with terrorist federations and participation in a terrorist organization.

State Attorney Frederik G. Ranke in the Oslo State Attorney’s Office believes the Lebanese was a field commander of the terrorist group Nusra Front in Syria. The man, who is an asylum seeker, denies punishment, according to NRK .

Ranke has always maintained that the accused’s explanation is not credible and believes he poses a security risk in Norway.

Norwegian authorities and NRK have found several videos where the man is involved. In two of them he is referred to as a field commander. He is being interviewed in several of the videos and appears as a lead figure. He is also depicted with weapons.

The 35-year-old has acknowledged that he is a participant in several videos, but claims he was forced to participate.

“I’m ashamed to be involved in such cruel things, but for me it was the only way to survive,” he said in court.

The defendant says he is a stateless Palestinian from Lebanon and that he would come to Europe via an acquaintance in Syria. He claims he did not know that his friend was affiliated with Jabhat Al Nusra and that he was caught in a game.

After two years in Syria, he escaped through Turkey and Denmark to Norway, and became a resident of Trøndelag. The man’s defender, lawyer Brynjar Meling, holds his procedure in the Oslo District Court on Wednesday afternoon.

He has previously signaled that he will ask whether Norway can at all judge a person who had no connection with the country at that time.

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