Prosecution for professed Islamist convicted of threats

Tuesday, the appeal begins on the case where Islamist Mohyeldeen Mohammad (33) is indicted for threats to left politician Abid Raja.

Mohyeldeen Mohammad was sentenced to prison for two and a half years in November last year and to pay NOK 150,000 in compensation for threatening left-wing politician Abid Raja. Tuesday the appeal in Borgarting Court of Appeal starts.

– The appeal case for the Court of Appeal applies to both the guilt question and the sentencing. It is set aside six days for the case, writes the Court of Appeal in the framing of the case.

In the fall of 2016, Mohammad sent three text messages to the Storting President where he scolded him. He wrote that Raja was a pig, a dog and that he had to burn in hell.

Three days later, an eight-minute movie was posted on YouTube, where Mohyeldeen Mohammad with IS-inspired music in the background attacked Raja and called him an apostate Muslim because of his standpoint in the debate on the use of hijab and nikab in public. Norway.

In the district court, Mohammad claimed that he had never threatened Raja.

– I never threatened him. Saying what I mean about him, I find is within freedom of speech. Saying your pig, going to hell is not commonplace, but we say this in Norway, said Mohammad, who has lived in Norway since he was three years old.

In February, the sentence against Mohyeldeen Mohammad was extended to two years and seven months after he was also convicted of violence and petrol theft. In this case, he was also charged with countering the judiciary, but he was acquitted of this point.

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